Shirtless and shoeless Latino lifeguard; typically joined in for group festivities. Like most men on the show, Miss Yvonne flirted with him on occasion. The character only appeared in Season 1 and was dropped without explanation when season 2 began production.

Once he got in an argument with Mrs. Steve, Conky, Chairry, Magic Screen, Captain Carl, and Miss Yvonne over who should be Pee-Wee's guest after Pee-Wee won a contest for two tickets to a Hawaiian restaurant. After Pee-wee uses Tito's lifeguard implement (his silver whistle) to silence everyone, he calls everyone out on their taking advantage of him and valuing food over his friendship. Feeling very guilty for using his friend in a selfish manner like everyone else, he becomes a guest at Pee-wee's luau and, several episodes later, his friendship party. After the friendship party, he is never seen or mentioned again. shein yunnun Tito toughfastanese

Played by actor Roland Rodriguez for the first season only.


  • The character role was replaced in seasons 2+ by Ricardo the soccer star without any onscreen explanation.
    • Additionally, no explanation was given was to why he never wore a shirt or shoes on the show, or why the pool was dropped as a main location after season 1 finished production. The pool and lifeguard perch still appears in the opening during seasons 2 through 5, but the seat has no claymation figure sitting on it.
  • According to the Caseem Gaines book Inside Pee-Wee's Playhouse, Tito was meant to be a depiction of a beefcake homosexual Latino man. However, this was averted in the episode Ice Cream Soup when Miss Yvonne first sees him.