The Reba The Mail Lady Song is A Song that is taken From The Episode,Playhouse in Outer Space. It Does Have No Screams


(Reba Hums)

Pee-Wee:What are you Doing Reba?

Reba:I'm Whistling,It Almost Helps Me When I'm afraid.

Pee Wee:Could You Teach us How to whistle?

Reba:Oh Sure Pee Wee, Just Wrist your Tongue on Your Mouth With the Tip against the teeth,then you Pucker your lips like this. Now Blow

(Pee Wee Breathing)

Reba:(3 Nos)

(Reba Laughs)

Reba:Listen,If your Friends are contrary Or When your Feeling Blue,Even when things Getting Scary,There's One thing you Can doooooo.. You Feel Better when you Whistle

(Pee Wee Humming)

(Reba Laughing)

Reba:It will Brighten Up Your Day it's (Better When You Whistle 2)

(Pee Wee Humming 2)

Reba:Then Makes Everything Okay,Your First day at a New School,And a Big Dog Barks at You

(Dog Barks)

Reba:Or Noises in the Dark Just Remember what to (Do and You Feel Better when you Whistle 2)

(Mr. Window Hums)

Reba:This(Will Brighten Up your day it's better When You Whitle 2)

Pee Wee:It's Better When You Whistle

(Magic Screen and Globey Humming)

Reba:It (Makes Everything okay 2)

Pee Wee:Everything Okay

(Pee Wee and Reba Laughing)

Flowers:Yayyyyyy Let's Hear it for Reba

Pee Wee:Thanks Reba

(Pee Wee Kisses Reba)

Reba:You Welcome