Pee-Wee's Playhouse

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Snooping, sightseeing
Monsters, Randy stealing her apples, Pee-wee Herman, Secret Word screaming

Mrs. Steve is a character in Pee-wee's Playhouse. She was apparently Pee-Wee's next-door neighbor, though her house nor the others in the neighborhood were never shown.

She is chronically "snooped" around the playhouse, and got extremely annoyed and irritated with anyone and anything childish, such as the Secret Words and Pee-wee himself; she even had the nerve to call the playhouse a "madhouse" in the first episode which caused Pee-wee to mock her. She especially hated Randy when he was caught stealing the apples from her tree. In one episode, Randy apologized and begged Mrs. Steve to forgive him and she did so, but just this once since she'll have him arrested if he ever steals anything from her again. She is very unfriendly and repugnant, but Pee-Wee tries to be a good neighbor to her until her character departure. She seems nicer to Pee-Wee when he is in the presence of his friend (and possible love interest) Miss Yvonne, who once gave Mrs. Steve a makeover.

Once she got in an argument with Tito, Conky, Chairry, Magic Screen, Captain Carl, and Miss Yvonne over who should be Pee-Wee's guest after Pee-Wee won a contest for two tickets to a Hawaiian restaurant. After Pee-wee calls everyone out on their taking advantage of him and valuing food over his friendship (to which she admitted that she already ate a late lunch), she becomes a guest at Pee-wee's luau and, several episodes later, his friendship party.

She is played by Shirley Stoler. Mrs. Rene replaced her in the succeeding seasons.


  • According to the book Inside Pee-wee's Playhouse, Shirley Stoler had such a negative attitude that Paul Reubens eventually had enough and fired her. This explains the Mrs. Steve character's departure in the second season.