Pee-Wee's Playhouse
Pee-Wee's Playhouse
Series Name
Season 4, Episode 7
Air date October 28, 1989
Written by John Paragon
Directed by John Paragon & Paul Rubens
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Heat Wave is the 7th episode of Pee-Wee's Playhouse season 4.

Episode Plot[]

Pee-Wee shows us the two secret words in this episode, which are "hear" and "here". On a hot day, Pee-wee learns the importance of water for all living things, and also makes paper fans. Miss Yvonne and Mrs. Rene both appear to wear the same one-of-a-kind dress designed by French fashion designer Monsieur Robert (ro-bare), so rather than calling in the fashion designer first, Pee-wee holds court in the playhouse (Pee-Wee as the judge/arbitrator, Conky as the bailiff, Magic Screen as the court reporter, several other denizens as jury members) to decide whose dress is the real one in a trial court setting. When Pee-wee and the jury can't decide on a judgment between plaintiff and defendant, after repeatedly calling for order several times during the trial thanks to Yvonne and Rene's heated bickering, both women try to bribe him (Yvonne with compliments and seduction, Rene with chocolate cake) when they return later. Angered and irritated with them, Pee-wee ultimately refuses to give into their manipulative bribery and he finally calls in Monsieur Robert to help out when he should have done so in the first place. The man points out that the lemons and bows on the dresses are on different areas of their bodies. Miss Yvonne and Mrs. Rene both make up, the case is dismissed, and Pee-wee decides to retire from judicial service.


Pee-wee: Two secret words! The first secret word is "here", and the second secret word is "hear". (realizes) Hmm... these words sound alike.

Pee-Wee: Mrs. Rene, you ask Miss Yvonne.

Mrs. Renee: Thank you. Miss Yvonne, whose do you think dress is better: mine or yours?

Miss Yvonne: Uh, would you repeat the question? I guess I didn't hear.

(Everyone screams when she says "hear" and Pee-wee pounds the gavel in anger.)


(The Playhouse denizens fall quiet. After four seconds of silence, he turns to Magic Screen.)

Pee-wee: Court reporter, could you please play back the previous question?

Magic Screen: Certainly.

(Magic Screen plays back Mrs. Rene's previous question to Miss Yvonne.)

Yvonne: Ah, I remember now. I bought mine this morning.

Rene: AH HA! I bought mine yesterday! And since I bought my dress before you bought yours, that means I'm wearing the original original, one-of-a-kind dress designed by French fashion designer Monsieur Robert, and yours is a fake!

(Yvonne looks scared and offended.)

Rene: Who's the most beautiful woman in Puppetland now?

Yvonne: This isn't fake!

Rene: Is so!

Yvonne: It's not!

(Pee-wee bangs the gavel, which grows in size, to try and stop the ladies' bickering. Finally, the biggest gavel quiets them down, and they stare at Pee-wee.)

Yvonne: Pee-wee, have you made your decision yet?

Herman: (dejected) No, Yvonne.

Yvonne: Good! I just want you to know that no matter what you decide, I am still your friend. I may be the most beautiful woman in Puppetland, but you are the handsomest man.

Herman: Really?

Yvonne: And the smartest.

Herman: And the most rad.


Herman: Globey, do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and not make up a bunch of junk that isn't the truth?

Globey: Yes, your honor.

Herman: Good.


  • Why didn't Herman just call in the fashion designer in the first place, saving all that time and effort?


  • The King of Cartoons, Miss Yvonne, and Mrs. Rene visit in this episode.
  • George McGrath voiced Monsieur Robert.
  • This episode, like all other episodes, had a shooting schedule of 10 sixteen-hour filming days.
  • Penny is shown in this episode.
  • There are 2 secret words in this episode.
  • The plot of the second half of this episode is very similar to that of an actual trial court (civil rather than criminal, as Yvonne and Rene were not charged with a crime at the time that the pretend trial was held, and that it was a dispute that would primarily be contended to in small claims court in real life had Yvonne and Rene wanted money for their dispute).
  • The courtroom role-playing game scene is one of the longest scenes done when Herman and his friends do role playing games, lasting 7 to 8 minutes.
  • In real life, Paul Reubens himself stood trial twice; once for a charge of indecent exposure during an incident in 1991 (at a Sarasota adult movie theater), and again in 2002 to 2004 on charges of child pornography possession that were later dropped (pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of "possession of obscene materials"). The judge in the later case was Superior Court Judge Carol H. Rehm.[1] In March 2004, as aforementioned, child pornography charges were dropped in exchange for Reubens' guilty plea to a lesser charge. For the next three years, he was required to register his address with the sheriff's office and he could not be in the company of minors without the permission of a parent or legal guardian.
  • When Mr. Window tells Pee-Wee about Ms. Yvonne coming, he says “Here comes the most beautiful woman in puppetland.” But no one screamed despite “here” being one of the secret words.


  • Secret word(s): hear/here
  • Connect-the-dots: none
  • Snack: lemonade (in an attempt to silence their argument)
  • Game: Court case
  • Wish: none