Pee-Wee's Playhouse
Series Name
Season 5, Episode 7
Air date October 27, 1990
Written by John Paragon
Directed by John Paragon & Paul Rubens
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Accidental Playhouse
Camping Out

Fun, Fun, Fun is a 7th episode of Pee-Wee's Playhouse season 5.

Episode Plot[]

Pee-wee plays with Billy Baloney. Pee-wee makes special rules for today's secret word, which is "on", when turned upside-down it reads "no". When someone says "no", everyone must scream upside-down. This only happens one time, due to Pee-Wee getting dizzy. Magic Screen shows a video about how to act at a party. Cowntess visits and shows us a movie she made. Miss Yvonne and Ricardo come over for snacktime. Pee-wee makes a mobile. Pee-wee does aerobics.


  • Miss Yvonne, Ricardo, and The King of Cartoons visit in this episode.
  • Last regular appearances of Ricardo and The King of Cartoons. The reasons for Vic and William's departures from the show are undisclosed.
  • Last time a Penny cartoon is shown.
  • The secret word was "on", and the special rules were if anyone says "no", they scream upside down; this was only used once because it made Pee-Wee dizzy.


  • Secret word: on
  • Connect-the-dots: hang glider
  • Snack: Cheese balls
  • Wish: none