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¡Este es el primer episodio de "El Hombre"!

Episode PlotEdit

As the episode's title suggests, Reba comes over and has a splinter in her finger, so Pee-wee plays doctor and gets it out; he also gives Reba a bill. The Del Rubio triplets come over and play pass the orange, and then sing a song. Pee-wee shares an orange with everyone (even Conky) but Randy eats his section causing him to childishly whine about it; Pee-wee plants the seed and grows a tree with Jambi's power. The King of Cartoons arrives; they play around with him by claiming that there's no orange tree but reveal they're only kidding the King; he then shows a cartoon before leaving. Pee-wee thanks everyone for watching the show and says good-bye.


Pee-Wee Herman: You're the Del Rubio Triplets, aren't you?
Eadie Del Rubio: That's us! Three gals, three guitars!
Elena Del Rubio: We don't go anywhere without our guitars.
Milly Del Rubio: We feel naked without 'em!
Pee-Wee Herman: I know what you mean. I feel naked without my Pee-Wee suit!


  • The King of Cartoons only appears once in a while starting with Season 4.
  • Pee-Wee asks Conky what 10,600,000 divided by 211,000 equals to, and Conky gives the correct answer of "50.23696"; this is an early instance of what would become known as cloud computing.
  • Pee-Wee reveals that the reason why he is nicknamed Pee-Wee is because of his suit being called a "pee-wee suit". This is mentioned again in Chairry-Tee Drive.
  • Pee-Wee gives Conky an orange section to have as a snack, and then requests that he give two more to Chairry and Floory. However, realistically it's impossible for Conky to get up the steps to where Floory is because Conky does not have feet yet.
  • The secret word is flashed on screen in all capitalized letters this time, and will do so for the remainder of the series.
  • Reba and the King of Cartoons visit in this episode.
  • The Del Rubio Triplets played themselves, this is the second time and last time they were seen; the first was the Christmas special.
  • First appearance of Pee-wee's dog Roosevelt.
  • First time there was no Penny cartoon.
  • First time we see El Hombre.
  • First time we see the waterfall painting with running water.


  • Secret word: well
  • Connect-the-dots: none
  • Snack: orange
  • Wish: That the orange tree would grow faster.