Pee-Wee's Playhouse

A caricatured salesman, dressed in a tacky suit and a humongous head, who rang the doorbell and shouted "I'm

Door to Door Salesman.jpg

going door to door to make you this incredible offer!" (occasionally he could be heard starting another sentence, "I'm sure, by now, you're wondering just what it is I have for you today....!") while a horror movie-style effect played in the background. This caused Pee-wee to slam the door and scream, occasionally frustratedly saying, "Salesman!" This character was retired after the first season. Pee-wee once let him in during a party, saying, "What's your incredible offer?", to which the salesman replied "Free foil!", which Pee-wee gladly accepted for his foil ball. He was only seen in the first season for unknown reasons.

Appearance: The Salesman is a full-bodied cartoon human with a large head and brown hair. He wears a gray suit, a red necktie and black shoes.