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Her yellow jacket, Her trumpet

People screaming in her face (though in one episode she didn't seem to care),

Her cab getting a flat tire

Taxi driver, who usually introduced "The King of Cartoons" by playing her trumpet (first in typical fanfare then segueing into Dixieland-style music, hence her name) and announcing "Hear ye, hear ye! His Royal Highness, King Cartoon!" or something similar. (On occasion, she would not play her trumpet at all.) She only appeared in Season 1 and from Season 2-5 the Flowers took her place in announcing the king, but it can be assumed that she still lives in the royal palace in Cartoonland.

Played by Johann Carlo, Dixie is one of her most famous roles.


Dixie has white skin and long dark blackish-brownish hair, which she sometimes wears either in a hair-down or a ponytail.

She wears an old-fashioned yellow cab driver's hat, reading "YELLOW CAB CO." on the front panel, and also a white shirt, a black tie, dark brown pants, and black shoes.

In some episodes, her jacket is dark blue. From Just Another Day onwards, her jacket is yellow with her name on the back along with her portrait.

In Party, she wore a light peach party gown with diamond earrings.


  • According to the Caseem Gaines book Inside Pee-Wee's Playhouse, Dixie was meant to be a depiction of a "butch, perhaps lesbian New York stereotype". However, this was averted in the episode Beauty Makeover when she asks if Yvonne could give her a makeover next, likely to help her get a boyfriend. She shows up in Party in a fancy dress and earrings. She also makes no mention of dating anyone onscreen, but in the fan fiction Wedding at the Playhouse it is revealed that she has a boyfriend named Frank who attends Herman and Yvonne's wedding with her.
  • Carlo was 28-29 years old when she played Dixie.
  • The episode The Gang's All Here shows the viewers at home that she is a very good singer.
  • Dixie was parodied in issue #228 of Cracked Magazine, in the four-page comic Pee-Yoo's Playhovel, as Dorksy. She had an identical appearance to Dixie.