You listen to me, Herman! Making prank phone calls is against the law!

Daryl is an officer for the Puppetland Police Department, seen via the Picturephone. Played by George McGrath, when Pee-Wee and Randy are making prank calls on a boring rainy day, they harass Daryl's wife, who summons her husband. Daryl warns Pee-Wee that fooling around on the phone is a crime and the police have the ability to trace calls and arrest prank callers, causing Pee-Wee to apologize and stop prank calls.


Daryl is a policeman with dark brown hair, a black police hat, a black tie, a blue button-down shirt, and a badge. The rest of his body is never shown due to being on a screen, but his presumably has his black pants, loafers, handcuffs, taser, police whistle and walkie-talkie on him too.