Pee-Wee's Playhouse

Connect Randy's Dots

Season One Version

Most episodes would involve Pee-wee leaping into Magic Screen, tossing a number of dots from his pocket, and playing a connect-the-dots game with them, accompanied by his singing "Connect the dots - laa la laa la laa" several times. (This is similar to the principal element of the 1950s TV show Winky Dink and You, where the viewer followed a moving dot with a crayon, drawing a shape on a vinyl sheet covering the screen, in an early version of interactive television.) He would then interact with the object the dots had formed in a cartoon environment, until some kind of disaster occurred, and then leaping out of the screen and landing safely on Chairry, who would usually proclaim, "Gotcha!". However, on at least one occasion, Pee-wee landed on the floor, and Chairry exclaimed "Safe!" and held her arms out like a baseball umpire.

In Season 1, the game was played in a manner very similar to that of a computer "paint" program such as Microsoft Paint or Color A Dinosaur. From Season 2 to Season 5, however, the interaction is done in a more "realistic" environment.

During the second half of Sick, Did Somebody Say Sick?, Magic Screen showed an ability to kinetically move dots when Randy is messing around in her "inner world"; she formed them into a prison cell.