Pee-Wee's Playhouse
Series Name
Season 5, Episode 8
Camping Out Image.jpeg
Air date November 3, 1990
Written by John Paragon
Directed by John Paragon & Paul Rubens
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Camping Out is a 8th episode of Pee-Wee's Playhouse season 5.

Episode Plot[]

Herman leaves Mrs. Rene to house-sit the Playhouse while he goes camping with Cowboy Curtis. They ride horses, roast wieners and sleep under the stars. Herman thinks Curtis is lucky to be a cowboy!

Episode Recap[]

The episode begins with Pee-wee sleeping in his own bed, while sleeping, he has a very odd dream: Allegretto. Moments later, he finally awakens, while realizing it was just a dream, he noticed that the viewer has come. Pee-Wee brightly greets the viewer and tells them that he has overslept by mistake, he then tells Clocky what time is it. Clocky tells him that it’s showtime, and tells him to get up and sparkle. Pee-Wee gets out of bed, puts on his slippers, and proceeds to go to the bathroom and then brush his teeth. Magic Screen shows the clothes footage to Pee-Wee, but he's already got dressed in regular clothes so he rejected them with the words: “Thanks, Magic Screen, but no thanks!” Pee-Wee races the viewer to the kitchen, because it’s time for breakfast, but he lets them win the race, he then takes the melon out of the refrigerator, takes it to the table and the sits down to eat with a spoon. Globey asks Pee-Wee “What’s today Secret Word?”. Globey turns on Conky 2000, he asks him how is he doing, he says that he’s fine. Globey asks Conky, what’s today secret word, Conky tells him to give him a moment. After the secret word is printed, Globey tries to reach the secret word but he reveals that he’s too short. Conky gives the secret word to Globey, and he shows and tells the viewer that today’s secret word is show and gives them rules about the secret word. He tells Pee-Wee who tells Conky the secret word, because it's his show. Pee-Wee gets a phone call from Rhonda the picture phone operator. Later Mrs. Rene drops by to playhouse sitting for him. Pee-Wee gives the instructions for Playhouse Sitting to Mrs. Rene and tells everyone in the Playhouse to make sure to obey her and wants them to be in bed by midnight. Cowboy Curtis has come to pick up Pee-Wee. He leaves the playhouse to go camping with Curtis. Now in the Grand Canyon, Pee-Wee and Cowboy Curtis were riding on the horses until, they heard an echo. The echoes were fun! That night, Pee-wee and Cowboy Curtis were having a wiener roast until they realizes that they forgot to bring the buns, never mind that. After Cowboy Curtis sings a song about Miss Yvonne refusing to marry him, he and Pee-Wee decided to sleep under the stars. The next morning, Pee-Wee and Cowboy Curtis return from camping, just in time for a cartoon. After the cartoon, The story ends with Pee-Wee hopping on the scooter and saying goodbye to the audience for now until next time for another big show.


  • Final regular appearances of Mrs. Rene and Cowboy Curtis.
  • First and only appearance of Rhonda.
  • Final onscreen use of the Picture Phone.
  • The word "show" is said and screamed nine times.
  • Pee-Wee wears his pajamas and slippers for the last time.
    • However, Pee-Wee's bathrobe makes its cameo appearance in the bathroom.
    • Since Pee Wee Catches a Cold, Pee-Wee greets the viewer in his own pajamas, but this time in his very own bed.
  • First time we see Herman leave the playhouse to travel.
  • Conky uses both hands to retrieve the Secret Word card.
  • The food in Herman's refrigerator is shown watching Sesame Street (a clip from Episode 2616 is seen being projected behind the food when he opens the door). The closing credits state: "'Sesame Street' excerpt ©1990, Children's Television Workshop." Herman and the gang would return the favor by being in a few Sesame Street inserts:
    • Herman saying the alphabet.
    • Herman as a celebrity singing one line of "Put Down the Duckie" with the others in the Playhouse.
    • The celebrity version of "Put Down the Duckie" was released to home video into Sing Yourself Silly.
    • However, Herman and the others never actually appeared on the street itself as visitors.
  • In Pee-Wee's dream, The 1936 cartoon of Allegretto is made by Oskar Fischinger.
    • However, it is unknown that Herman's snoring sound can be heard by the end of his dream and at the end of the song.
    • The first 1 minute and 53 minutes is cut out, due to the release of this episode.
    • The last 40 seconds of this music is played and the last 39 seconds of this cartoon is shown in this episode, during the Herman’s dream.
  • Last time a cartoon is shown.


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  • Secret word: show
  • Connect-the-dots: None
  • Wish: none
  • Game: none
  • Feature Cartoons: Allegretto (1936) and Balloon Land (1935)